Battle Strike Team: Space Deleter is the second series of China's ZhanJiDui series set to premiere in 2015. The series' team consists of 6 members: red, blue, green, gold, pink and orange.

Team HistoryEdit


For thousands of years, through the dark wormhole alien marauders who came to Earth, the human caught each planet to be slaves! 2016, the National Bureau swim Star Big Star formed a hit squad to crack down on the space battle alien predators, the team of six gamers: red war Wei Di Xiaolong, Methodist car Tianyu day war, health check Qionger dream fight, to fight health Wang Yi Jie, Chen Li Jing Wei Sen war, Wei Li Tiexiong fog of war. The top five players control war hit by five aerospace transportation equipment mechanics repair universal invention, namely the composition of the sun strike the king of battle, the planet of war hit king, the fog of war from Neptune's satellite control combined into the sea Starship hit Wang Yu-ship battle. In war intelligence officer, commanding a large star daughter swim希碧and Samsung last king of the Kingdom of Lu Di spiritual body repair, tuning, space warfare strike team repeatedly thwarted attempts evil alien predators. Eventually, the king's mother black slaves Fire Star King came to Earth, and Lu Di repair replication binding loophole Earth who become very evil. Three wars hit hit hit king fit to become the king of the universe, the eradication of alien wicked, and save the planet!


The Space DeletersEdit

1st group

Space Deleter Red Di Xiaolong (火战卫 - 迪小龙) - Use the Mars Force. Pilots the RCV-1. Played by Yan Jingjie (颜敬杰).
Space Deleter Blue Che Tianyu (天战卫 - 车天羽) - Use the Mercury Force. Pilots the RCV-2. Played by Guo Junjie(郭俊杰).
Space Deleter Pink Zha Qiong'er (梦战卫 - 查琼儿) - Use the Venus Force. Pilots the RCV-3. Played by Lu Xiangyi(鲁湘宜).

2nd group

Space Deleter Yellow Wang Yijie (地战卫 - 王易杰) - Use the Saturn Force. Pilots the RCV-4. Played by Zhao Shoujun(赵寿俊).
Space Deleter Green Chen Lijing (森战卫 - 陈力京) - Use the Jupiter Force. Pilots the RCV-5. Played by Yu Wenhua(余文哗).

3rd group

Space Deleter Black Li Tiexiong (雾战卫 - 李铁雄) - Use the Neptune Force and Uranus Force. Pilots the RCV-6. Played by Gu Renqi(顾仁琪).


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Supporting CharactersEdit

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  • On Lookus - Alpha Animation's (the company who uploads the series) YouTube channel, the show is literally labeled as "Giant Saver2" rather than "Space Deleter".
    • It is currently not subtitled yet.

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