Battle Strike Team: Rescue Engine (巨神战击队之超救分队) is the third series of China's ZhanJiDui franchise set to premiere in 2016 to 2017.

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He Dajiong (红霄卫 - 何大炅) - Originally a fireman. Played by Xu Wenhao (徐文浩).
Ai Rui (白护卫 - 艾蕊) - Originally a doctor. Played by Yang Xue (杨雪).
Jiang Yong (黄擎卫 - 江勇) - Originally an engineer. Played by Wang Wuyi (王武义).
Yan Gang (黑爆卫 - 岩刚) - Originally a bomb-disposal expert. Played by Yang Shoubin (杨守斌).
Lin Yunzhi (蓝旋卫 - 林云志) - Originally a pilot. Played by Yang Xu (杨旭).

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  • Thematically, Rescue Engine resembles the Tomica Hero series heroes.
  • This is the first Battle Strike Team series to not have a "Sixth Ranger".